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Welcome to my website!

I'm Jen, a jeweller based in Gateshead. All of the jewellery I make is made by myself by hand in my home studio. Each piece is inspired by nature and the great outdoors where I'm at my most relaxed. I hope the jewellery helps the wearer to invoke that sense of relaxation while going about their everyday lives.

Currently on maternity leave from my employed role (also within the jewellery industry), in between changing nappies, I am spending my time designing my new collection and making stock for upcoming markets as and when I can! Juggling motherhood and a small business is going to be a challenge, none the less it's a challenge I'm excited to partake in! 

The dream is to run this business full-time while spending as much time with my family as I can. In fact, I'm extremely excited to attend some craft fairs later in the year with my family in tow! Hopefully I'll see you soon!

Love from 

Jen x