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All of my products are inspired by nature & leaves so I've included some links on this page to websites you may find inspiring and interesting!


The Mother Tree Project:

This is an organisation that are carrying out research into the forest renewal practices and how they can protect the bio-diversity of the forests as the climate changes.

Here's a link to a Ted Talk on "The Secret Language of Trees" with Camille Defrenne & Dr Suzanne Simard 

Dr Suzanne Simard has also released a book called "Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the wisdom of the forest".  Here's a link to her website:

The Woodland Trust:

The Woodland Trust has some great links to Woodlands to visit in the UK. The website also provides information on how the Trust is protecting & caring for our UK woodlands & how their research is aiding their conservation work! 


If you know of any other website's that you feel would be of interest, please feel free to email me at