Workshops coming soon!

Water lily Collection - coming soon!

I've been hard at work creating a brand new collection based on water lilies!

I've always had a love for water lilies and ponds since I was a child. I can always rememeber visiting my Auntie Lou and asking to go and watch the frogs "or throgs" as I used to say... (I couldn't pronounce frog!) 

Here's a lovely pic from sometime in the 90's!

An old photo of Jen Lithgo as a child sat on her Auntie Lou's lap sat around a pond looking at the camera


The ponds in both my parent's garden & my auntie's garden were always overflowing with water lilies and lilypads! My own pond is trying so hard to sprout some water lilies this year but the cold weather is putting them off...

Anyhow here's some sneak peeks of the new pieces from the Water Lily Collection!

Available from 4th June at 7pm!

Waterlily flower pendant available from 22nd May 2021 at 7pm as a pre-release!